Peace, Love, Rockets, and Farewell

We ate our breakfast burritos, went to building laptop seminars, gathered up as much schwagg as possible, watched Fatal1ty gun down dozens in Quake 4,drank our Bawls, and played Quake/Doom in the BYOC, getting little more then a few hours of sleep each night. We watched Kevin from G4 shoot his Quakecon segment live, and scoped out some girls that played games in tight clothes. Played Quake 4 before anyone else, got a sneak peek at doom the movie, Watched Carmack speak about the future, and stayed in a five star resort. (“”Even started the healing process on some old wounds“”.) We met gamers from all over the world and hung out with the best of the best.

But sadly, marking the end of Quakecon, [UAV] wondered into the longhorn center where just nights before I had won that video card, and watched the tournament finals. Quake 2, Miss Quakecon Q3, and Doom 3 all people who have amazing talent. “Top Prizes 25,000 dollars goes to Gopher”. Quakecon X 2005 will go down in my mind as one of the best times I have ever had. I can’t wait until Quakecon 2006.

Thanks for all the effort put forth by all the [UAV] members, espically Rev and Pep for driving.

!!!!!BOOM,.. HEAD SHOT!!!!!