Reasons Geeks cant Sleep

11. Not because of caffeine. Just can't stop thinking about coffee.
10. Converting MP3 collection to OGG taking longer than you thought.
9. Dorito crumbs on sheets cause unbearable itching.
8. Borg costume needed redesigning because it just wasn't realistic enough.
7. Had to keep checking the torrent to make sure it was still downloading.
6. Too scared to sleep after watching "Hackers" and knowing they can make more movies like it.

5. MMORPG withdrawal causing uncontrolable shaking.
4. Removed your bed to make room for the server rack.
3. Years of living underground have made your eyelids translucent.
2. Watched special edition of Star Wars and still pissed off over Greedo shooting

1. Had to sell the bed to buy new a graphics card.