Peace Love and Rockets Part IV.

Walking through the doors of the once forbidden fortress, Our mouths sank to our toes. Hanging banners embroidered with the Quake 4 logo, Intel nIVIDA, Activision, Creative, Doom 3. Any company that was anything in gaming minus perhaps ATI and AMD nIVIDA, Intel's and nIVIDA's rivals. Had set up booths sponsoring their latest and greatest obviously. But as our eyes gazed over to the right had side where the BYOC area was........................And OOHHHH was it a BYOC........

Now I know that this may not sound big to some but beware to gamers this is bigger then Leonardo DiCaprio's right after titanic.

Stopped dead in our tracks views partially blocked by the towers, monitors, in our arms and power cables wrapped around our necks the full power of QuakeCon was seen. Tables rows upon rows of tables, cables miles and miles of cables, and power strips, gigawatt's and gigawatt's of power strips adorned an area so unimaginably large it hurts to think about it. As the world of LAN parties is somewhat limited in the state of Wisconsin Normally maxing out at 25 seats or so. This Texas LAN party put Wisconsin to shame with over 3,000.

Just going to prove that everything is bigger in Texas $^).

Anyway back to the picture. Being basically the first in (as a direct result of our endless wait in line position 8.) Now just because they let us in does not mean they were going to let us hook up our gaming machines and start up the frags. No that was not the case, Just as hours of waiting before the network was still suffering from what we were told, “an attack of imps” or for those of you non gamers out there (the pain part of Quakecon was broken). UAV quickly picked our spot six rows in on the right hand side. Perfect for getting in and out in a hurry (you know just in case something happened aka. Free stuff was being offered outside or more Imps showed up). The sleep deprived clan of UAV quickly dropped our stuff and without haste headed back to the room to get well maybe 4 more hours of sleep before 8 AM when the network was schedule to come online and the gaming could begin.

Yes in 5 hours Quakecon 2005 would be oficially turned on, and the frags (kills) would begin.


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