Peace Love and Rockets Part III….

So how smelly can a person be right? How about when you add up these crazy twenty- two hours in a car full of guys without stopping for more then an hour or so, nine hours of wondering around aimlessly in a five star resort in the middle of Texas. And five hours of waiting in line….. Well I guess Ill let you imagination take over on the smell part, but to say the least, those of us who stayed at the resort all night and fought for a place at the front of the line were pretty ripe.
By the time noon rolled around the four of us and everybody around (although they did not say so) could not take it anymore. We still had no room but there had to be a way to freshen up a bit there just had to. When it dawned on us we could use the Pool, Of course the pool would cleanse us of the filth we had been sublimating in for the last two days. We got one of our new found friends from the line who had been waiting just as long in line but had not had the tremendous ride down to watch over our stuff while UAV double timed it to the pool.
Now I have to describe the pool there was just noting like it in the world. Outside of course the four of us headed to the pool bathroom to change into our trunks, and proceeded towards what looked at first to be a puddle. We walked through Gaylord’s vineyard up the rock steps and found ourselves gazing at what had to be the most awesome pool (outside of Wisconsin dells) that any of us had ever seen……. Five waterfalls flowed in from above filling the pool with pristine chlorinated water. Tropical trees, plants, huts, and taverns dotted the poolside, where I was told you could get any drink imaginable (for a hefty price of course). For a while I think we must have been intimidating to some of the younger kids using the pool as we ever so cautiously tested the crystal clear water. Well that is all but one of us, the daring Rev jumped through the waterfall landing in some type of makeshift cannonball feet first into the two meter center section of the five star puddle of moments past. Not long after as not to be shut out by a fellow team mate the rest of the clan followed in Rev’s footsteps creating a scene somewhat characterized by Pirates of the Caribbean. “I’m Capt’n Jack Sparrow we all yelled as the grime left our Arnold Scwartsangger Bodies.
Not long after our under-sea adventures of jeau coustiu we were able to check into the room. Ok so the room (300 smackers a night) with the negotiated QuakeCon price of 150 a night excluding some luxury fees was also something else. Goose Down pillows beds so soft that you seemed to be sitting on top of a Gamecloud, balcony with overlooking view of the main Gaylord Atrium, Refrigerator Marble countertops and tile Cedar wood, it was almost a paradise. I mean the room had a frickin safe in it ‘of which took centerfold in the room debates of later”.
The others who had gone to the Motel 6 arrived not long after, not terribly impressed with the room stating the Motel 6 at 1/3 the price was the same size and just as nice. Needless to say I disagreed with them (also in the room debates of later). Still I really don’t think anybody minded since when you could no longer stay awake playing games you were free to crash upstairs at anytime you damn well pleased.
We spent the rest of the day taking turns guarding our valuable position in line eight places form the front (along with out 10,000 dollars worth of computers where I spent the majority of my day, while others explored the Gaylord and got a little bit of shut eye in…..

The time was 1900 hours UAV still guarded its place in the now 800 at least long line when we got our first real news from the inside. They were hoping to open the doors around midnight still earlier then expected. Two hours later more classified news, they are almost ready and the volunteers are getting ready to bring there stuff in…Cheers went out from all over the line…….That meant we were 8 places away after those lucky volunteers from the largest LAN party in the western Hemisphere. I quickly called the room where four of UAV’s members were graciously catching some much needed Z’s my call was short but it said everything that needed to be known. “It’s ON…..

Now I have to take a second to talk about the line picture 800 people with their computers moniters and everything else you would need to play games all waiting in line. Some of us got a little anxious and plugged our power strips into the walls around us and played some games, Before we knew it there were about 10 power strips daisy chained together running of the same socket, also before we knew it we had blown the breaker. This process went on in the line periods entirety.

Before I thought even possible UAV in its entirety for the first time in hours converged on our pile of PC’s cables wrapped around necks. Little did we know that just as we picked up our stuff to move forward the network suffered from a virtual heart attack………..Once again our friend on the outside came forward with top secret info from beyond the gate “They were almost ready then the network died it’s goin to be a while longer before they open the doors. Battered by almost no sleep in the past thirty hours I was forced to go back to the room and try to get some sleep (with the assurance that when they did open the doors my phone would ring). Sure enough after about 3 hors of sleep My Phone on Super Dooper loud mode awoke RevStan Woody, Nolte and I. this was really it we are goin in we rand down to our precious spot loaded up our stuff and finally entered the land that we had dreamed of for month prior. Quakecon’s BYOC had opened. Well sort of because at that point we were only allowed to find our sots put our stuff at them and leave. But still to UAV who had been waiting and Driving for 37 hours it was open. We checked our computers through security and got our first glimpse of the finalized inside of QuakeconX.