Peace, Love, and Rockets Part II

Lets play Lets wait in line

Upon arriving earlier then expected UAV’s high of minutes past was quickly being refilled with the onslaught of pure boredom and a twenty two hour drive. Without a room for the evening the Vanguards roamed the vast hallways of the Five Star Gaylord resort stopping to talk with some other gamers in our same predicament. Even stopped and enjoyed a midnight serenade played on the Gaylord’s 17,000 dollar lobby piano by none other then one of our fellow Quakecon attendees.
After our musical vendetta some of UAV’s members completely run down decided to bug out and head for a Motel six down the road to crash for a few hours. While the rest of us Rev, Woody, Nolte and I continued to walk the hotel feeling extreamly out of place in the 500 million five star resort. Eventually we decided to get in the volunteer line for setting up the BYOC part of Quakecon (for those of you non computer buffs out there BYOC means Bring your Own Computer).
Ok here is the thing those of us who stayed back filled out the appropriate forms online before we left to volunteer setting up one day early. We had heard form some of last years volunteers that if you did aide in setting up you could get you and your clans rigs all set up in your choice of spots in the 3200 spot BYOC. It sounded too good to be true so we figured why not. UAV got in line. The time read 0700 the four of us had been meandering about the Gaylord for nearly nine hours…….. While more and more volunteers showed up at the impenetrable gate of the BYOC, Quakecon staff notified the anxiously awaiting crowd that there was no need for more volunteers. And that they were so far ahead that they were considering opening the BYOC up to ten hours early.
Now, as much as we were excited that we most likely going to be able to get our game on ten hours early. The four of us were equally depressed in that we had just waited the better half of a day to volunteer and we didn’t even get in early. Now all in all it turned out not to be such a bad thing, for although we were unable to volunteer we did secure a really kick ass place in line 8th from the front. It would be here where our QuakeCon adventure would really begin…

On a second note I had a hard time deciding whether to write about Quakecon day two or School day one (which for those of you who don’t know happened to be today. In the end I came to write about Quakecon and you’ll get my regular school stuff right after.