Great Balls of Fire

This is SyNONYM's 150th post!!:)

Well Kim left Yesterday so yes its time to update this baby.
:Note this story may be unsuitable for some readers therefore in the ESRB rating I am rating this entry [T].

Marine week at Camp Geiger North Carolina, Charlie Company had been together for about three weeks and gotten to know each other pretty good. Nothing like Band of Brothers or anything but yeah you could say we knew each other by name. Anyway with three and a half weeks of training down and only a few days left to go we found ourselves standing at attention half naked in good ol white briefs in front of our racks.

You know the picture,…. old school world war II movies or Full Metal Jacket. Big open Bay barracks with bunk beds nothing else no TV just beds foot lockers and concrete, and a bunch of crazy army guys with their guns.

Only this time there was something not right, something “out of place”. Little did our Mail call Gunnery Sergeant know as he inspected us one of Charlie Company’s Midshipman (MID) had a little surprise for him…

“Five minutes prior”… “Dude Guys I just thought of the most funny thing to do when Gunny Gets here keep an eye on my and you know what I am talking about right away” The MID across the bay from me yelled. Most of the company ignoring him completely as we just did not care and wanted to go home to our lives of nothingness and video games.

“Hey get in front of your frick’n racks…..10…..7……4…..1…..yur done” The voice of a thick Boston accent reverberated through the long hollow barracks. “I got’ a look yoll over fur tattoos and shit, I don’t careif yur compfortable standin round in skivvies because were all men in here,… or at lest most of us.

I snickered to myself noting in my mind some of the guys who are little less then the picture perfect fighting machine and more resemble Peter Pan and his magical lost boys.

So we stood at attention in front of our racks gunny looking each and every one of us over, When I remembered to look across the bay. That’s when I saw Gunny’s little or not so little surprise just waiting for him. I have to say Mentally I began to laugh harder then I had in a long time at the same time thinking man does that guy have some balls if he thinks he is going to try this.
Gunny looked me over and finding nothing to complain to me about, promptly did a left face and continued on……Until he came to the Mid across the way.

Gunny looked him over also finding nothing stepped back to execute his left face tp continue on.

“Had he missed it I thought to myself how could he have missed something like that? When the battle hardened E7 stopped dead in his tracks. Turned back towards the MID and pointed down and said in his Boston accent “What is that”.. Not six inches away from Gunny’s extended pointer finger there was an object,….. round in nature and not normally seen outsides its natural habitat.
“What is What Gunny Sergeant” he Responded.
“Outside your trousers there”…a short period of silence filled the room as half of Charlie Company broke out into chaotic laughter…..

“Midshipman you better secure that Testicle…… before I secure It for You!!!!” The now red with anger Gunnery Sergeant screamed . “The rest of you shut the hell up”… but it was to late word of the shannigans had traveled down the entire barracks and Charlie Company found the majority of its people rolling around on the ground with laughter trying desperately not to be seen by the now furious Gunnery Sergeant. It was then gunny realizing that an eighteen year old kid had gotten the best of him gave out a roaring laugh turned sharply and continued onto the next half naked MID.

True story by the way it may have been one of those things you really had to be there for but I tried to capture the most or jest of the situation her for you as it is just too funny to keep to myself.