Lord of the Centering Rings Part 1

A bit out dated I know as Rockets for Schools (RFS) was a month ago but I did not have time to update before I had to go on duty here is part one.

The early morning Michigan mist covered the Blue Harbor Convention Center creating a thick blanket that if uncooperative would resemble a block of Swiss cheese in a few hours. Like a needle through a balloon seven foot rockets would soon challenge the world. My fourth Rockets for Schools Competition, but my first as part of the staff.
As the FSFI president I had led our teams in the past to one second place victory and two consecutive first place trophies. All accomplishments I will treasure for the rest of my life. But one year in particular will always hold a special place in my heart. For during my first RFS competition my life changed spun around in an abrupt U-Turn.
Never in my life had I cared for the female species, always finding them as more of a nuisance than anything.

But then something happened at RFS that the Brian did not expect. The Brian fell into the hands of a human female, called Kim, the female gave Brian unnatural long love and made him feel all tingly all over. The Kim poisoned the Brian making him do things that he never would have.

And so It was that the 16th of May two-thousand and two. The Kim and the Brian became trapped in a never ending ring of love.