Where Have you been?

LAN Party!!!!! Fond du Lac’s Geeks called out to one another via Trillian, Phones and mind meld. “Dude, Gruening’s hosing a LAN U goin? Before long my basement was filled with some of Wisconsin most avid gamers. Although small we did manage to get a nice couple of rounds of Unreal Tournament 2K4, and lord behold after a three week leave of absence from playing games I was able to hold my own.
My sixteen days of home are coming to a quick and abrupt end. It seems only yesterday I was walking through Union Station waiting to walk though my front door. Seemingly endless 9:00 wakeup calls, good food, fishing, 24 hour gaming are all about to cease. All funniness set aside sorry I have really place SyNONYM on the back burner the past two weeks. Be it laziness, boredom, busyness, or plain ignorance, SyNONYM has suffered and for that I apologize from the bottom of my blog. Anyway I spent most of my time home running arons, sleeping, gaming you know, the usual have too much time on your hands stuff. I have some good blogs started a post about RFS (Rockets For Schools) but have not finished it yet. Hopefully I get it done before I have to Norfolk Virginia for my navy training this summer. I leave Thursday.
Speaking of which I am uncertain about how much updating SyNONYM will get in the next couple of weeks considering I am goin to be stuck doing Navy stuff the next four and a half weeks. Hopefully it all goes well. Ill be sure to get some posts in about it more likely more then a few posts.
Dang Its one AM and boy I am barley tired. But I definitely need to get my beauty sleep in before I get to Norfolk. Look for An RFS post tomorrow.