Farewell Dear PV

Well its official I'm done now despite coming down with the flu two days ago I sucessfully finished the rest of my tests this afternoon and am now ready to come home. I'll be leaving tommorow around 10. I should ave a good blog as I plan on using the 20 train ride to really hit up another ITOOLM or good post in general. Man my whole body aches to get home right now.

Here is my insane long schedule starting tommorow.

Departing: Houston, TX (HOS) To Milwaukee, WI (MKE)
6022 Bus
Departs: Houston, TX (HOS) 1:55 pm; 05-MAY-05
Arrives: Longview, TX (LVW) 6:30 pm; 05-MAY-05
Duration: 4h 35m

22 Texas Eagle
Departs: Longview, TX (LVW) 7:05 pm; 05-MAY-05
Arrives: Chicago - Union Station, IL (CHI) 2:19 pm; 06-MAY-05
Duration: 19h 14m

341 Hiawatha Service
Departs: Chicago - Union Station, IL (CHI) 8:05 pm; 06-MAY-05
Arrives: Milwaukee, WI (MKE) 9:37 pm; 06-MAY-05
Duration: 1h 32m


Anonymous said...

Be safe baby!!!! I YOU, forever and for always!
I can't wait to see you :)

Joe said...

Update as of 2005-05-06 1509 CDT
I talked to him on the phone, and Brian is in Union Station in Chicago, on track (pun intended..) and on time. He might take the Chicago Metra home instead of Amtrak, becuse he could leave earlier, but then there's no checked luggage, either.
He should be back late tonight either way.

Joe said...

UPDATE as of 2132 CDT 2005-05-06, Brian's parents just arrived (I heard them on the phone) in Milwaukee. Brian should be home by 2300!