The Chocolate Room

This morning I took the remainder the stuff I’m not bringing home with me to my storage unit, and boy is my room empty. Actually I am using the laptop as my main computer right now at my desktops are all packed up as well. This evening I am going to do some serious studying for my classes Maritime Affairs, and Computer Science Programming (my two first finals on Friday). Other then that I am really psyched about coming home in seven days. Lets just hope these last few days go well.
I also spent the last of my panther points (we can use them to buy stuff at the grocery store on campus) I bought basically 50 dollars worth of candy. Hey I figured why not. Plus I'll have snacks for the train ride. Rampaging through the isle grabbing every last snickers, milky way, and fast break, I could not help imagining myself in Wily Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Floating down the chocolate river, flying to the top of the ceiling or turning into a blueberry. Ahhhh the candy.


Anonymous said...

study hard and best of luck with the finals !!!!! Can't wait to see you at the train station. Love ya lots.