Nightmare part II

The next few hours passed without even a single incident. I finished “Just a Geek” and started Chapterhouse Dune. Before long the stewardess (oh I mean Flight Attendant) called the first class passengers onto the plane., then the back rows first I had a while to wait as my seat was in row twelve (right up front). “All remaining rows” I picked up my Star Trek Briefcase which held my laptop, portable hard drive, and countless other electronic devices. Walked over to the gantry handed the stewardess …(ahhh I mean...Flight Attendant,…lady) my ticket and snaked my way to the 757 waiting on at the end. Thoughts of seeing Kim filled my mind.

Just as I rounded the last curve of the gantry my ears were struck with an anvil. “Everybody go back” a man called out from in front of me. “The plane is broke”. The thoughts of Kim were quickly replaced with the angry groan of 150 passengers. My feet did an about face and began walking my oblivious body back to my seat in the terminal. I sat down anxiously awaiting the flight attendant (got it right this time) to tell us what the hell was goin on. Ten minutes later the familiar voice of a ‘life is just peachy’ flight attendant over a mediocre P.A. system filled gate 4B. “Ladies and gentleman we have had a problem with the fueling of our aircraft, the ground crew is working right now to try to fix it, we will be back on in twenty minutes with an update for you”. After a couple of pages into chapter two of Chapterhouse the same voice once again found itself in my ears. “Ladies and Gentleman at this point the ground crew are unsure weather or not they will be able to repair the airplane, we have two alternate aircraft arriving at 2200 at gate 8 we will be changing gates to 8”. Soo once again I walked down to the new gate about 400 meters, found a new ‘cold’ chair. And patiently awaited for the cleaning crew to disinfect the airplane.

Chapter Three went pretty quickly, as the call for the first class passengers rang through the by now completely desolate airport.(or so I thought it did) until I looked at the watch and it said 2245. At least Bruce who was waiting at the airport in Phoenix for me was an hour behind (time change).

When the 1970’s style safety briefing about “how to put your seatbelt on” appeared on the screens of the aircraft My body finally exhaled a breath of relief “Now I can take a nap”……………lucky for me the guy next to me already had that idea and his mouth and nose were informing the adjacent chairs around him of it. Needless to say I contemplated shoving my entire complementary flight pillow into his gaping mouth. At least I had my headphones to keep me company and King Snore-allot out of my mind (I now know why its illegal to bring a gun on a plane). By the time the in flight movie came on GET THIS (((Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events))) “need I say more”. I was beginning to think the plane might just crash.

I woke up after a great nap, just as the plane was about to land. I hope they did not loose my luggage too.


Anonymous said...

I'll love you forever
I'll like you for always
As long as I'm living
My Sweetie you'll be

Forever yours Handsome

future mom in law said...

It is obvious why Ms. "Brennergy" tried to enter the world at 26 weeks instead of 40 weeks. She had the energy even before birth. Perhaps she is the answer to our energy crisis? If we could somehow use that energy to fuel our transportation. . .gosh we could save money!!!!