Over the River and through the Bayou

Back to PV

The rest of the day went just as Friday did. Went down to Bourbon Street had a few more hand grenades walked around ate a bunch of these tasty little Crystal Burgers.” Boarding the bus again at 0100 the most of us were ready for some serious rest. The bus driver began to drive us back when suddenly………….Smack, the entire bus lurched forward, and a crashing sound followed. We all gazed out the window like first graders would on a school bus for the first time……Just in time to see an entire street light smash to the ground.
The bus atmosphere spontaneously changed from tired drunks to college students yelling colorful metaphors. Thoughts of the school where the bus driver got his truck license from flashed thorough my head. The bus driver instead of staying and informing the police bolted off, I had no idea a coach bus that could go from 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds. Somehow I don’t think that the tour company made much of a profit driving us around.

Straggling back to the hanger we all passed out and woke up the next morning. We cleaned up our stuff, smashing all of our gear into the bus “I swear, god helped us get all of our gear back on the bus that morning we had so much gear the bus doors were bulging.” Just as soon as my butt hit the chair I was out and I slept the entire way back. Waking up just in time to get off the bus and watch the super bowl.
Even though we had some hiccups along they way. The trip was well worth all the 0500 and 2300 training sessions.

Sheila update. I called Bruce today and talked wit hi for a while. Basically nobody really knows what is wrong. Sheila has been spending most of her days really drugged up sleeping in her hospital room. Seizures are becoming a pretty common occurrence, but overall Bruce said there has been a little improvement but not much. Just keep praying for her and I am sure everything will turn out ok. Thank you all, for keeping Sheila in you thoughts this past week continue to keep her in your prayers and god willing we will al be able to get together for spring break.