Cupids Arrow Strikes Early

I have spent the last two days happier than can be… I talked with Kim on Saturday afternoon, and even though our spring breaks only coincide for two days, I am going to be able to see her. We are going to meet up at her mother’s house in Phoenix on Friday and on Monday I fly back to Houston. Actually I will be skipping school the Monday we are supposed to be back so I can spend just a little more time with her. Lets see here beak out the ol’ balance, one side we have being with Kim and on the other school. “Do I really have to tell you which of the two outweighed the other?” I wonder how the FFiLS will turn out this time?
Being away from Kim this past month (since Christmas) has been the hardest of any time I have spent away from her. We had such wonderful times together during Thanksgiving and Christmas It brings a tears to my eyes thinking about them. I am sure this spring break will be just as good. I simply can’t wait to see her again, to give my honey a big hug and kiss and tell her I love her face to face. I love you Kim.

Keep on prayin for Sheila, I am sure if she could thank each and everyone who has kept her in their thoughts, she would.