Cupid was in the Air.

Today started off just as any normal school day would. Sleeping in until 0715 I rolled out of bed hoping somehow that my math teacher spontaneously combusted so I would not have to take his Calculus exam. I checked my voice mail (had a nice one from Kim) dressed myself (it was going to be hot so I decided I would get some sun I threw on some shots and a tight fitting shirt), slammed down a cup of coffee. As the coffee had not yet kicked in I slowly made my way over to the Banks building for my test. Along the way I left Kim a Happy Valentines Day voice mail.
Sitting in my seat in math waiting for Dr Davis to come to class, five minutes passed “Man he better get here if we are goin to take this test”, ten minutes passed “OK even if he does come I am goin to refuse to take this…..” Creek the door opened. “Sorry I am late, the printer was malfunctioning I will pass the tests now.” “SON OF A ..........and just when I was about to not have to take this thing.” To my surprise the test was really easy and I finished it right away, to kill the time I wrote a love poem for Kim. I also spent the entire class period of computer science writing another poem for her. (don’t worry it was a review day). Right after Computer science I began the mile and a half walk over to the post office anxiously hoping something from Kim came in.
15 mins later I inserted the old key into the post office box, and pulled out a package notification slip. Yeah it had come. I picked up the package from the front desk and started my back to the room.

“Hey Hey” I heard from over my left shoulder, I looked, a bunch of not to bad looking white girls in a white intrepid were waving, “yeah you, come over here” I walked over. “You are really hot, my name is Casey what’s yours” the girl in the back seat said. “Brian” I responded in shock. Did she just call me hot? Have to admit at first it was kind of flattering to hear someone call me hot. To tell you the truth I am not sure it has ever happened besides Kim telling me.

She flirted with me, asking if I was a student, what was I studying, where was I from and what brought me to PV, (if I was the only white guy there). I responded in as nice of a manner I could thinking maybe I could make a white friend out of it. That’s when it hit me. I really was not enjoying this, ok at first, I just really wished Kim were in this Casey’s place. Standing there in the sun flirting with me.

“Do you by chance happen to have a girlfriend?”
I answered this with just about as much joy as I could muster
“Yeah I said we have been seeing each other for three years now and I know she is the one.”
Casey looked a bit bummed. She said she was glad for me. I responded with “Well, if you ever want to hang out with some white people give me a call” She wrote her number on a slip of paper and handed it over to me. I took it and put it in my pocket/ “nice to meet you Brian”. “Nice to meet you to” I said as they drove off.

Still a long way away from my room I began thinking about what had just happened. Questions such as; most people like it when others flirt with them, why didn’t I, rolled around in my head after about 10 seconds of thinking I came to an answer that brought a smile to my face (I am desperately, hopeless head over heels in love with Kim) when suddenly….

From in front of me a black man about my age wearing tight jeans and a shit veered off his path toward, me I could tell right away that he was a little crooked in his sexual orientation.
“Hi I’m Paul, whats your name?”
You have got to be shitting me I thought to myself.
“Brian.” I responded as the words !run away run away! repeated like a broken record in my head.
“Hi Brian, you a student here?” he asked most of the same questions the girls had.
“Hey ahhh I have to get to class before I am late” I told Paul, luckily the watch said 1445.
“See you later he said” As I literally walked as fast as I could away away, away.. even farther.

Locking the room door behind me I made a pack to myself to never wear this outfit again. Unless by sweetie wants me to. All I can say is I must look pretty good to attract both sexes.

I opened the gift from Kim soon after my self pact. And I have been smiling ever since.

Happy valentines Kim I love you forever.