Another phone call

Hi everyone and no I did not die. Like I feared I had no internet access at the base to update the ol’ blog. My next few blogs are probly going to be pretty short as I am working a big post which I am calling Over the river and through the Bayou. It is going to be a story about my trip to Louisania. Obviously it will include the Drill meet, but more importantly it is going to recap the night live found on Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras. I am working on it now and hope to have it done by the weekend.

Today Kim updated me on her mothers condition. I guess she was doing just fine until this morning when she had a stroke. Like last time the doctors really don’t know what the problem is. Once again I ask for your prayers she really needs all she can get more then ever. Ever since I got that phone call I cant help wonder if there is something genetic that runs in her family. I hope to god that is not the case. I only wish Sheila could get better.