What is 0500 anyway?

Did today seem to last for eternity my goodness. It just went on and on…. Awaking at 0515 for Physical training (PT), where we did no PT only a weigh in to make sure we did not gain to much girth over Christmas leave) and a safety brief (for some of the new midshipman in the unit unfamiliar to out form of PT).
Right after that was math class where I met my new teacher. Boy does he talk slow, I’m talking one minute for each word slow. I ought to get a good grade in there. Than was History wow that guy is different as well. Most of that class will be spent reading the book and memorizing meaningless facts. Oh well no biggie after this semester I will have no more history classes to take. On the upside of things today I was officially assigned the duty of academics officer for our NROTC unit. The only freshman with a billet position (or job). Hopefully this is my key into a bigger and better billet next semester. Thanks go out to MIDN Hull for giving me the chance to show that even a freshman or 4th class can get the job done.
I had allot of free time today between classes since most of my teachers just gave us our syllabus and told us what to expect from the class and et s go. So I spent a while planning out how I am going to focus on getting some really good grades. I came up with more studying alone, and leaving the group studying to a minimum. As well as more sleep.
Time for another movie, and getting my uniform ready for inspection at 0600 tomorrow morning. Got to get some relaxing time in before all the studying hits.