Walking on News

Tomorrow I go back to school for the first time in four weeks. I wish I could say I am looking foreword to it but who ever does like going back to school after Christmas Break. Wish me luck on my third semester here at Prairie View.

Also for the first time in four weeks I went to the post office to check my mail. Almost every student in Prairie View has a Post Office Box it the best way to get our mail. Anyway, as I walked through the half propped open door of the Prairie View Post office I heard the unfamiliar sound of "crunch" from under my feet. Curiously I looked down only to find the white tile floor had been replaced with hundreds upon hundreds of old letters and newspapers discarded by returning college students. I myself even added to the pile as the six 25 gallon trash bins were beyond full. The walk back to the dorm room seemed unusually long as it normally takes between 10 and 14 minutes each way. Maybe it was because I was walking alone or the campus was still basically dead. It did however allow me to do some thinking about the upcoming semester.
I decided a few things. First of all I need to get out more, if I am going to make it through this semester I am going to need some time to just get away. Second, I am going to spend a bit more time studying, hopefully that will give me just the extra edge in some of my classes. Lastly and most important I am going to spend a little extra time each day to either write in this blog or send out email or snail mail to my Kim and my family.
Wish me luck in classes tomorrow and the rest of the semester.