So that’s where the white people hang

First off I have not heard much about Sheila, only that she was able to return to work. Although I can’t imagine a whole lot of work was completed. It’s still safe to say that for the most part she can still use all the prayers she can get. Thanks for keeping her in your thoughts everybody.
I hate to start this blog off with a negative note so here is a rather funny story.

I looked down at my watch, “only 11:45, this history class has been going on forever” in actuality only 45 minutes, but you know how college history classes are. My fingers typed furiously taking notes, while my mind concentrated on other things like that new ATI Radeon X800Pro I have been eying up for the last few days. The next thing I know I heard the words “and if there aren’t any questions”, I snapped out of my technotable trance. “……..You may leave”.
Glancing down at my watch again fully expecting to see 12:20, I was amazed to find the big hand on the 12, and the little hand on the 12. “What? Is my watch broken?”, I frantically searched for an answer to my conundrum. “No…… Did he let us out early?, he did…..OHH….sweet”. I packed up my stuff, and began the walk back to the room to grab a quick bag of my favorite chips “Andy Capps Cheddar Cheese Fries” before my next class.
On the way I encountered a curious event, WHITE PEOPLE, and lots of them. “But how could this be?” I pondered. “I thought I was the only white person here,….where did they come from?” I swung my head back and forth frantically looking for some type of clue that would help me decipher just what the hell was going on. It took a few rotations when in the distance I saw,……..The agriculture Building. “Of course, these white people were all agriculture students, or ranchers”. Their class had ended at 12:00 so I had never seen them before. All the tell tall signs began to fall into place. Ten gallon hats, worn jeans and cowboy boots. “Oh yeah” these guys were ranchers all right.

Funny story right? Well maybe not for all, but to those who have visited Prairie View A&M (a historically black College), you know what I am talking about.