Present events take precident

I was amazed today. I awoke 0500 bright and early as always thinking of the past, but before long the past was overwritten by the present. As my semester took a turn for the better. One thing about the military that I love are the bonds you make with your fellow shipmates, there is nothing in the world that can describe it.

My blogs have progressively been getting shorter and shorter. With my schedule as it is I barley have time to sleep. However I am going to make a conscious attempt to update this blog as much as I can. I think Thursdays will be the designated sit down and blog day. I look forward to creating some excellent blogs during this time. Tomorrow I am going to start a continuing story in my blog about my time in the Scouting program and the way it has influenced my life.

Sweetie if you are reading this thank you for being with me always.