Its always a phone call

Upon arriving to drill practice this morning I was pleasantly surprised when our team leader decided that we were doing a pretty decent job at learning the routine and after a few run throughs to keep it fresh, let us go. And so the powers that be created time for me to attend breakfast for the first time in months. As much as I despise the food service here at PV I had no problem going up for seconds this morning. With my schedule as crazy as it was this past week I barley had time to eat. Tell you one thing, not going to make that mistake again this semester. It was so bad on Saturday that I fealt sick. I guess maybe its genetic, my father when he was really busy in college didn’t eat enough and got himself an ulcer. Hope I don’t pass it on to my kids.

Its always a phone call

I got a call from Kim this afternoon…. “I could tell almost right away that it was not going to be one of those happy calls”. “Has my Dad called you today?” she asked me quietly. ”Not that I know of”, my response was inquisitive, “well my mom has been sick for the last couple of days. She can’t get out of bed, talk, or even open her eyes. They’re having an MRI done to see if they can’t figure it out. I’ll call you as soon as I know something.”

“Keep her in you prayers honey, she will be in mine.”

Kim did not know a whole lot about her mother, because quite frankly nobody did. This afternoons passing hours went by with no new news. In an attempt to ease my mind and maybe kill some time I called my folks back home and filled them in with what little information I had and told them she could use all the prayers she could get. I surfed the internet for funny stories on Slashdot and BBspot. Attempted to read my History lesson, but nothing I tried could rid that “what if” feeling in the back of my head. I am going to try to watch a couple of movies maybe that will help. I doubt I’ll get much sleep tonight.

God willing Shelia will get through this, and we can all get together again as a family. Like I said Shelia and her family can use all the prayers they can get right now so keep them in mind. Especially keep in mind Bruce, Jeff, Kim, Beth, Jennifer, Jacob, Brianna, and Brian. I will update with any new information that I get as soon as I get it.