I promise, to do my duty

My first recollection of scouts, brings me back to the first grade when my Tiger Scout den visited the humane society. At the time our uniform looked more like a pumpkin than a uniform, it consisted of either a blaze orange sweatshirt or t shirt embroidered with a picture of a tiger. Our awards were incredibly lame, for each meting or trip we were awarded an iron on patch in the shape of a tiger paw print. As I remember our uniform did not have many of these paw print, awards as we were slow starters.
It was not until a year had passed and the next level of scouts was before me, The Wolf Scout (I believe it was the second grade). With the overwhelming failure of my first year in scouts my mother was less than ecstatic when I told her I wanted to continue on. Also about that time I shared the idea of scouts with a new friend from kindergarten, Mike. Who decided he also would like to give this scout thing a try. There was only one major problem; there was no Leader for a Bobcat Den of Cub Scouts. Maybe it was our cute little begging faces that eventually convinced our parents that they could be the Den Leaders. Little did we know at that time but we were condemning me to twelve years of some of the best times of my life.