From Wisconsin to Texas "Part 1"

It was about a year ago today, and I had narrowed down my long list of perspective colleges to only a few. University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, Marquette, and Prairie View A&M. Although my list was long it was limited. In order to participate in NROTC I had to attend a school that offered the program. I believe I had something like 75 schools to choose from. There were the usual places like MIT, NYU………Cornel. It didn’t take long to weed out the schools I did not have a snow balls chance in hell of getting into, and those I just did not want to go to. I was left with about thirty schools to choose from.
For hours I surfed the links on the official NROTC schools webpage painstakingly searching for a school that fit me. To be more specific I was looking for a school that offered NASA programs, had an NROTC program, and one that was not that big (student wise). I started locally, Wisconsin, however the list of schools was limited to three MSOE (snow ball school), Milwaukee, and Marquette (which had the same NROTC program you just had to travel to Marquette for drill). Quickly I realized I was going to have to look outside Wisconsin not that I wanted to. Started off looking at schools like Texas A&M, and University of Minnesota. But they were just too big. See one of my worst fears about college was becoming a number. I sent my applications in and one by one they came in. Some said “we regret to inform you” while others said “We would like to welcome you to ___”.
My father and I spent a few weekends travailing to and from Milwaukee taking campus tours and meeting with the Computer Science department heads. But this School in Texas, this Prairie View place caught my eye everything I was looking for. I searched their entire website looking for pictures and staff bio’s, the all important “pricing”, and housing. The internet was a great place to start but if I was going to make a decision I was going to have to visit this Prairie View. We made the appropriate calls, reserved our plane tickets and rental car. And before I knew it, my father and I were on a plane to Texas and, my mom had to call into the high school office and let them know I would be missing two days of school.
Stay tuned for Part II
“Make a Good First Impression”

Prairie View Offical Webpage

Today was pretty ordinary in comparison to other days. Only one small tiny Oman I seem to have came to haunt meat 0545 “Gruening, there has been a change of plans. You’re going to be on exhibition drill team for Tulane”. I sort of figured something like this was going to happen. Now have only twelve days to learn an entire drill joy, like I don’t have enough stuff to do. Like I said before it always seems to happen to me. Remember the JROTC drill meet the other day.

Anyway I am going to throw this out there for y’all who are actually reading this blog. Since you are my readers I would like know what you want to me blog about. Keep it appropriate. Just leave me an email or better yet just leave me a comment. No need to sign in just do it anonymously. Oh yeah, and make sure you check out the links.


mom said...

I like hearing about your days--when you don't get a chance to call. YOu can Blog to me about anything you want. By the way , Kim and her family are in our prayers. Please keep us updated. Love you