First Blog

Being a regular visitor of WWdN and after reading Wil Wheaton’s book "Just a Geek". I realized it was time for me to start blogging. I guess mostly I just wanted to be able to express my self mostly to my girlfriend Kim (who I know is reading this and I love very much) in a different way other than email. The both of us are both in the Navy and are attending college I in Texas, and she in Maryland. We rarely are able to see one another and we really rely on the internet to keep in touch. This web log will undoubtedly have much written about her.

“A brief history of me”
Like I said I am in the navy and am currently studying Computer science at Prairie View A&M University in Texas. I grew up in a medium sized town in Wisconsin called Fond du Lac. There’s not a whole lot to do in Fond du Lac However, it’s by far one of the nicest places you can live in the entire world. I plan on living there or close to it in the future. My High School days were nothing special Played in the band, ran track, founded a rocket club. The only really significant thing that came from my High School experience was meeting Kim.
Outside of class I devoted a great deal of my life to Boy Scouts and obtaining my Eagle Scout. Which of course I did and left the scouts when I was eighteen with my Eagle Scout and four palms (for those who know what those are). For the rest of you, that’s really good. I will elaborate more life in later blogs. Anyway.

This Christmas Kim and I were both fortunate to have leave together. We spent as much time together as we could and for the first time in six months I fealt normal again. Every hour I spent with her was like a day in heaven. Today Kim left for Maryland early in the morning and I miss her terribly. I still have a few days left on my leave and have some things planned to fill the days up. Only, since she has left I have not had much ambition to do anything. even feeling sick to my stomach sometimes. I cant wait to see her again.

I guess that’s pretty much it for my first blog I suppose it is going to take a while to get the hang of it, but I am sure all I need is some practice.