Back to School

Remember when the first day of school was fun? Sure you do, back in the day, when recess was three times a day and your mom packed lunchables in your official Batman lunchbox. Yup those where the good o’l days. Now, ten years later just as most any college student I have a different outlook upon school.
All in all my first day of my third semester went pretty well considering my schedule is as ugly as a recursive algorithm. I ate for the first time in four weeks SODEXO (the name of the food provider here on campus) all I have to say is boy does that stuff go right through you. Man do I miss home cookin’ from Wisconsin, nothing will ever beat a fresh cooked beer soaked brat dinner with appropriate beverage of course. It’s a good thing I brought a taste of Wisconsin back with me. There’s enough cheese in my fridge to last a good month, even after I give some out to skeptics who don’t think they can taste the difference in cheeses.
Just got a call from the navy, they have scheduled a fun filled session of physical training tomorrow at 0545 in the morning. Man I am sick of running. I may go to bed early tonight. Navy ROTC is not to bad I just find it kind of boring. I lived and breathed navy far before this year and a ton of this stuff I have gone over in Boy Scouts. I guess the only things that get a bit annoying are the constant 0500 mornings and tedious briefings. Still I worked harder than I ever thought possible to get into the program and am not about to back out. Plus I have only have a few dreams in my life one is to be in the NAVY. You can probably guess one of the others (to be with Kim (Love you Baby).
Going to throw a movie in tonight and then go to bed maybe even make some popcorn.